Irrigation sprinkler System in Dausa

Irrigation Sprinkler System Manufacturer in Dausa

An irrigation sprinkler system is a system designed to water plants, grass, and other vegetation in an area automatically. The system typically consists of a series of pipes that are buried underground and connected to a central water source. Sprinkler heads are then placed at regular intervals along the pipes and are designed to spray water onto the surrounding vegetation.

Irrigation sprinkler systems can be controlled by timers, which allow the system to be turned on and off automatically. They can also be equipped with rain sensors, which will shut off the system when it is raining. This helps to conserve water and prevent overwatering. We are the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Irrigation Sprinkler System in Dausa.

Types of Sprinkler System:

There are several types of irrigation sprinkler systems, including:

Spray Systems: Spray systems use high-pressure water to spray a fine mist over the vegetation. They are suitable for watering small to medium-sized areas and are the most common type of sprinkler system.

Rotor Systems: Rotor systems use a rotating stream of water to cover a larger area. They are suitable for larger areas such as parks and athletic fields.

Drip Systems: Drip systems use a slow, steady drip of water to deliver water directly to the roots of plants. They are suitable for gardens and other areas with plants that require a more targeted watering approach.


  • Uses minimum water.
  • Reaches directly to the roots
  • Can be used in low pressure
  • High performing product at a low price.
  • Saves from regular worries of watering the plants.
  • Saves from the burden of electricity bills on farmers