Irrigation Sprinkler System Manufacturer

We are an established name in the market, renowned as a leading manufacturer of irrigation sprinkler systems in Ahmedabad as well as an irrigation sprinkler system supplier in Gujarat, India, since 2015. We at Aim Polyplast are considered to be the best irrigation sprinkler system manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The sprinkler systems offered by us are at par with quality standards, and we never disappoint our customers with our products.

We are listed as the top irrigation sprinkler system manufacturer company after pre-screening and verification by our audience, who trust us. Moreover, there are hundreds of companies developing, and selecting the right company can be so tough and time-consuming. We are recognised as the No. 1 and best irrigation sprinkler system manufacturer company in Ahmedabad after receiving positive reviews, customer satisfaction, market presence, and many more factors that helped us achieve this position.

We are even well-known in the market as a leading irrigation sprinkler system manufacturer in Ahmedabad as well as a supplier of irrigation sprinkler systems in Gujarat, India. We also export these irrigation sprinkler systems to other countries from India.

A smart and effective way to water lawns, gardens, farms, and landscaping areas on a regular basis is with an irrigation sprinkler system. By transferring water through a system of pipes, tubing, and sprinkler heads, it replicates the natural process of rainfall.

These systems are made to guarantee that plants get the right quantity of moisture, encouraging healthy growth while preserving water supplies. The system frequently includes timers or smart controllers that enable users to adjust watering schedules based on things like plant demands and weather conditions. Sprinkler heads, which come in a variety of varieties, are carefully placed to cover defined regions. Sprinkler irrigation systems serve as crucial for sustaining bright gardens, thriving crops, and lush green lawns while improving water efficiency. This technique encourages plant growth, conserves water resources, and helps to maintain appropriate soil moisture levels.

Irrigation Sprinkler System Supplier

To locate the supplier of irrigation sprinkler systems that best meets your demands, it's important to look into a wide range of possibilities. You might start by looking online and in nearby hardware and garden stores, where you may discover a variety of sprinkler systems and parts.

Further, specialized irrigation supply businesses that sell just irrigation equipment may provide knowledgeable guidance on select products and designing systems. Make sure to take into account internet buyers since they offer a huge selection and practical shopping. You may also look into local irrigation contractors who can offer installation services as well as equipment supply, guaranteeing a complete answer suited to your irrigation demands. Lastly, while making your decision, consider aspects like product quality, cost, customer service, and warranty.

Round Drip Irrigation System Manufacturer
Round Drip Irrigation System  Suppliers

Our Commodities:

  • Irrigation sprinklers
  • Sprinkler pipes
  • Spray pipes
  • Flat drip emitting pipes
  • Round and flat drip irrigation system
  • Mini sprinklers
  • Micro sprinklers
  • Other accessories

Uses of Irrigation Sprinklers:

  • Agriculture
  • Landscaping
  • Nurseries
  • Sports fields
  • Golf courses
  • Dust control
  • Parks and public spaces
  • Residential lawn care


  • Efficient Water Usage
  • Increased Property Value
  • Increased Crop Yield
  • Time Saving
  • Flexibility
  • Customizable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Consistent Watering

Initiative for smallholders

We provide technologically developed products to our Indian farmers at the lowest price subsequently reducing the burden of investment on our clients and increasing crop yield.

Our mission

“Quality and quantity” is the core value of our company since it was initiated. We hired the best experts from the country, checked the quality of each finished product before its dispatch, and regularly worked on the wholesalers’ feedback.

Our departments

A united team with skilled knowledge leads to a well-established unit. Our team includes the quality assistance department, Expert department, advisory department, farmer redressal department. They all work together to bring the best outcome for you.

Our brands achievement

Our brand polyplast has covered the vast market of India but also overseas due to its minimum price with bulk products. We have made it to the brand because of mutual trust between the client and the unit after regular redressal of problems of our smallholders.

Our product excellence

The nature of our product has touched the mark of excellence in quality due to the struggle of a decade. This has been accomplished over time by our competent experts by upgrading their knowledge regularly.

Our Foundation

Our drip irrigation and sprinkler plant have been set up in the center of Ahmedabad for the reachability of our farmers from the whole country. The route for traveling to and fro from our unit is very smooth leading to minimum time delivery. Our unit has been divided into different departments for different works making it easy for our factory to operate.

Irrigation Sprinkler Exporter

An irrigation sprinkler is mainly used to preserve 90% of water by making it reach the soil with minimum wastage. We know that farmers have to go through multitasking, so with a one-time investment, manual activity can be reduced. The pipes are made of good quality plastic that can be used at their maximum potentials. These drops reach directly to the roots.


  • Works under different pressure.
  • Less of investment
  • Saves maximum of water.
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Water directly reaches the roots
  • Sustains nutrients
  • Reduces manual work
  • Maximum yield from the crop


Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Garden

Garden beds

Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Lawns


Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Rainwater


Irrigation Sprinkler piper for Housing Estates

Housing Estates

Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Container Grown Plants

Container Grown Plants

Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Sleep Slopes

Sleep Slopes

Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Tree Rings

Tree Rings

Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Walkways


Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Dunes


Irrigation Sprinkler pipes for Roof Garden

Roof Garden

Suitable Crops

These are mostly demanded row crops, tree vines, eggplant, muskmelon, cucumber, pepper, banana, coconut, and sugarcane, etc.

Our services

Irrigation Sprinkler Pipes Consulting Services

Consultation services

We provide consultation services to our farmers in their convenient language for better knowledge of the application of our products.

Customized Irrigation Sprinkler Pipes Available


We provide services of customization to our clients by size, grade, color, and other variations.

Export of the Irrigation Sprinkler Pipes


We supply not only to the rural region of India but other parts of the world according to their farm work. Exports have increased over time due to the minimum international market prices we offer.

Mini sprinkler lateral supplier in India-

With highly developed imported machines of Mini sprinklers, we have topped in selling in Ahmedabad. Available with different types of nozzles and rotors making it flexible for different kinds of farms. It leads to the early maturity of the crop with better quality due to the equivalent distribution of drops.

Micro sprinkler manufacturer and supplier-

Working on defects of another Micro sprinkler, we have topped in the supply of micro-sprinklers in Ahmedabad with different pressure, sizes, colors, etc. the unique feature of our unit is customization according to the quantity of the goods. For further assistance, you can get in touch with our customer support executive or visit our expert department in Ahmedabad.

Sprinkler Fitting Pipes Supplier in India-

Sprinkler pipes are highly demanded for growth soybean, cotton, tea, coffee, rice, etc. we provide sprinkler pipes with different grades and different pressure according to the ranch size. They are mainly corrosion resistant with easy handling and quick installation. The latest feature that we provide is protection from UV rays.

They can be used for farmhouses, industries, hotel resorts, public or government gardens, etc.

 We provide distinct products for our valued customers on regular basis. Advancement in our existing technology is applied to provide you with excellent services without any dissatisfaction. Our company is the first step towards the best investment of sprinklers irrigation system.

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