Aim polyplast was initiated by Mr. Prathmesh Patel in 2015 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a target to advance sprinkler irrigation systems In India and overseas (mainly designing for rural areas). We have boosted our supply with rules of MSP (minimum support price) so that farmers can profit from one-time investment in Sprinklers. We are a huge exporter of irrigation sprinklers covering rural areas of both India and the overseas market. Our sprinkler unit produces a good deal of by-product which ranges from round and flat drip irrigation, spray pipes, sprinkler pipes, flat drip emitting pipes to many other accessories.

Sprinkler Pipe Suppliers in in India

Customer care support-

We provide customer care support regarding our products. We provide all information in different languages to communicate in the best way possible. They brief you on different trending sprinkler irrigation according to your ranch size and recommend steps to grow your farm.

Expert Engineers for irrigation sprinklers-

 We hire young and experienced experts for different types of sprinklers. They work on different machines existing in the world to provide full-fledged developed sprinklers to cover your whole farm with limited time and the best result. We give a warranty on different products and services for repair. Installation of the machine is done by Polyplast.

Regular meetings are held between expert and customer care executives for the exchange of knowledge related to the drip irrigation system.

Why we are best-performing industry-

  • Distinctive sprinkler irrigation products.
  • Examine the quality of unprocessed materials and finished goods of all mini sprinklers.
  • After-sale customer care provided for round and flat drip irrigation.
  • Training and management support all irrigation sprinklers.
  • Working on regular feedback of our clients on Agricultural products.
  • Minimum price with the utmost quality of irrigation valve.
  • Leads to 30% to 50% of water-saving.

If you have any queries mail us or use our contact number. We welcome any issues or feedback for the betterment of our product in the future.