Drip Irrigation Sprinkler

We are the top manufacturer and supplier of Drip irrigation sprinklers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have been working for a decade to support our farmers due to the regular legal issues they face in the country. Our customer care support assists you with different grades according to the size of the farm. Calculation on water pressure is the first step to knowing about your farm needs. Get in touch with us with your farm size to know about suitable Drip irrigation sprinklers. This will lead to extensive revenue in the first harvest after the purchase.


  1. Inlet- ½ inch male thread
  2. Discharge- 250 LPH in 1HP 32 Nos in 5HP cover ¼ acre
  3. Area cover- 15 feet radius in 1kg press.
  4. Diameter- 3.5m


  • ½’’ BSP full circle sprinkler
  • Body made of PP
  • Nozzle- 3.0 mm