Spray Pipes in Barmer

Spray Pipe Drip Irrigation System Manufacturer in Barmer

We are the professional suppliers of spray pipes in Barmer. A spray pipe drip irrigation system is a type of irrigation system that delivers water directly to the plant's roots through a series of pipes that are placed on or below the soil surface. The pipes have small holes or emitters that allow water to drip slowly and steadily onto the soil, ensuring that the plant's roots receive a consistent and precise amount of water.

The spray pipe drip irrigation system is beneficial for several reasons. First, it saves water by reducing evaporation and runoff. Second, it minimizes weed growth by delivering water directly to the plants. Third, it promotes healthy plant growth by providing a consistent water supply and reducing stress on the plants. Finally, it can be easily automated, allowing for efficient irrigation without the need for manual intervention.

Spray Pipe Drip Irrigation System Supplier in Barmer

To install a spray pipe drip irrigation system, you will need to plan the layout of the pipes, determine the spacing of the emitters, and connect the pipes to a water source. You may also need to install a filter and pressure regulator to ensure that the water supply is clean and consistent. Once the system is installed, you will need to monitor it regularly to ensure that it is working properly and adjust the flow rate as needed to meet the plants' water requirements.


  • Size- 8.5mm
  • Material- PVC
  • Length- 100mtr
  • Working pressure- 30
  • Colour- according to demand