Micro Sprinkler in Barmer

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System Manufacturer in Barmer

AIM Polyplast - We are one of the leading Micro Sprinkler Manufacturer in Barmer. A micro sprinkler drip irrigation system is a type of irrigation system that uses low-pressure water delivery through a network of tubes and emitters to water plants. The system consists of a water source (usually a pump), a distribution network of tubes and fittings, and small sprinklers or drippers that deliver water directly to the plants.

Micro sprinklers are usually used for larger plants or those that require a greater amount of water, such as fruit trees or vines, while drip irrigation is more suitable for smaller plants with lower water requirements, such as vegetables or flowers. However, a micro sprinkler drip irrigation system can combine both methods to achieve more efficient and targeted watering.

The benefits of a micro sprinkler drip irrigation system include reduced water consumption, increased plant growth and yield, improved plant quality, and less weed growth. The system also minimizes water runoff and soil erosion, leading to more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.


  • Diameter- 17 to 19m
  • Discharge- 14lph to 200 lph
  • Fitting- PVC HDPE pipes
  • Nozzle- 2.5x 1.8
  • Application

    • Row Crop
    • Vineyard
    • Orchards
    • Nurseries
    • Potatoes
    • Vegetables


    • 360-degree spray
    • Low pressure
    • Equal distribution of water
    • Minimum use of water
    • Adjustable pressure rate
    • Nozzle size works according to farm size